We are a passionate team of coffee connoisseurs

Based in Costa Rica


With experience and knowledge in
Coffee Brewing
Coffee Roasting
Coffee Cupping

AND with one simple MISSION:
Help you to understand better every facet of coffee and share with you our knowledge so you can master the science of coffee at home.

Tico Coffee was founded by Mattia Madaro and Thomas Belloc in Costa Rica in 2017 with the clear goal to increase the awareness about the world of coffee as a whole and to offer you a central place in which you get all the information together.

Our values:

Education & Knowledge
In the past years we have learnt a lot about coffee and we had the chance to dig deeper into the coffee universe. We have the great privilege to be constantly on an origin trip. Coffee knowledge should start from origin. As it is not always possible for you to take a plane and visit coffee-producing countries, we want to give you that experience paired with valuable knowledge about all coffee-related areas. Education is a key for us to improve communication from origin. So sit back and take your unique orign trip and get information first hands.

Education and knowledge empower us to grow our awareness beyond the pure coffee seeds. We care a lot about coffee sourcing practices and its environmental and social impact. We know that you care too and that you rely on seals and product descriptions when buying coffee. We want to take you one step further and show you what you can see and hear behind those seals. 

Coffee is great and coffe is complex. That's why it is a vivid field of ongoing discussions. We aim for a mutual, opem-minded conversations with you.

Who we are:

Mattia, co-founder
Mattia roasting some great coffeeHey guys, I'm Mattia, native Italian, grew up in Germany and now living in Costa Rica! I've been working in coffee for the past eleven years. To be honest I had my first contact with an espresso machine when I was six years old as my parents owned an Italian coffee bar in Germany.

After I have worked from 2005 to 2014 in a coffee shop in Germany as barista and coffee shop manager (not a fancy third-wave coffee shop, but a constant rush-hour mass-producing café with a lot of flair ;).

Then, I moved to Costa Rica and started in the coffee education industry specializing on brewing techniques and coffee roasting. I got to know specialty coffee, organic fairtrade coffees and simple commodity coffees.
I realized that I was passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge and helping people to get better and fell in love with all coffee comprises. With this passion I want to help you to become better and get an overview of what coffee is all about.

And what else?

I like the sea, seafood and cooking. I'm on a continuous lerning trip and that's why I love to face new challenges and situations. I love to play around with coffee gadgets and I love natural-processed coffees.

What's my motto?

If you do things you always do, you remain the person that you already are. So go out, learn new things and become comfortable with the uncomfortable (that's not my phrase, but I love it ;)

Thomas, Co-Founder
Hey, I'm Thomas, native French and living in Costa Rica now. I have been working for the past five years in a coffee mill being the responsible for the roasting part. When I came to Costa Rica I was completely new to the coffee universe
but I fell in love with it. In the course of my coffee adventure I got to know the facets of sustainable and social responsible sourcing pratices and what it means for small farmers get paid accordingly so they can allow their family a dignified living.
Supporting these small farm holders, with Tico Coffee we want to show you the stories and faces of small farm holders and why it is so important to use sustainable practices both regarding the environental and the social part of coffee.